Blue In Focus

Blue In Focus is a documentary film project by Green Heart Films.

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The Primary Purpose of this documentary film is to highlight the threats to the sustainable future of our planet greatest ecosystem, the Oceans. They cover two thirds of our planet’s surface and are increasingly at risks due to mankind’s non-sustainable activities.

Whilst we increasingly understand the need to conserve tropical rainforests forests which we refer to as the lungs of our planet we seem to fail to understand the significance of the need to conserve our oceans.

The finely tuned ecosystems within the aquatic realm emphasize the lengths nature has gone to survive and thrive in this beautiful, but unforgiving environment.

Coral reefs,marine mammals and deep sea species have captured our attention with their elaborate behaviours and undeniable magnificence. Increasing understanding of the world’s oceans has also brought to light its fragile nature.

Human influences such as, over fishing, pollution and climate change are destroying this environment. Fishing quotas and illegal practices are increasing each year as demand for seafoods rises along with increasing population growth, the marine life we know so little about is disappearing before we have chance to understand it.

Not all is doom and gloom though, there is still hope with projects like Blue in Focus. These documentaries help immerse us into the aquatic world, giving an intimate glimpse into the mysterious and still alien oceans we live so closely with. This insight into the fragility of marine life is key to educating us about the damage being caused and how we can help.

Our educational documentaries aim to portray the beauty of the oceans biodiversity, while also looking at solutions to the problems. Filming local communities that manage their marine resources is an insight into what can be done to reduce man’s impact on the seas.

We have always believed that raising awareness of marine issues is a vital step towards a positive and more sustainable future.

The aim of Blue In Focus is to work with regional communities on the subject of sustainable marine management if we are to avoid the collapse of our magical but fragile Oceans.

To reach the above aim, after the Indian Ocean, Blue In Focus will visit the Pacific region where we will film the impact that disposable waste is having upon the complex ecosystems that sustains the Pacific regions marine life.
In particular we will be looking at the subject of micro plastics and the long term implications that these will have upon the well being of our oceans future.

Lastly, Blue In Focus will travel to the South Atlantic to learn more about Hump Back Whales migrating from the winters of Antarctica to feed on plankton in the gulf of Guinea near the islands of Sao Tome & Principe.

Blue In Focus is going to be a unique project in many ways. It is going to be the first film dedicated to the oceans,it’s inhabitants and the people who live around them and are closely related to them.

Our educational documentaries aim to portray the beauty of the oceans biodiversity, while also looking at solutions to the problems. Filming local communities that manage their marine resources is an insight into what can be done to reduce man’s impact on the seas.

Raising awareness of marine issues is a vital step towards a positive sustainable future.

 There are many risks and challenges associated with this expedition, such as weather and ocean conditions, as there are with any related project of this size and scope.

However, our long-term experience with facing those challenges in various geographical locations and under extreme frontier conditions gives us a unique advantage in being able to deliver an informative series of documentary films.

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