Blue In Focus


After almost two years of travel and diving the final documentary has now been achieved and the film launch will be screened at the Ritzy cinema in  Brixton London on September the 24th.

The project has been a life changing experience in discovering the true nature of our planets  Oceans and during the course of making the documentary I have been fortunate to learn about the need to conserve our fragile marine resources.


Oceans cover two thirds of our planets surface and it is perhaps the least know region on earth.

Our seas are essential to the very essence of life as we know it for if we are to have a sustainable future we will need to coexist with our planets


 Oceans as millions of people around the world rely upon our seas to provide nutritional benefits and employment.

Our very existence as a species will depend upon the health of our seas and if we continue to ignore the essential benefits that our oceans provide life on earth will increasingly become precarious to say the least.


Green Heart Films